Cardio Tennis Instructor:

Frequently Asked Questions  


Who is this website for? 

This website is for those interested in delivering Cardio Tennis or anyone who wants to be a better tennis instructor.  

Is there a certification for Cardio Tennis?

There is no "certification" for Cardio Tennis nor has there been one in the past. If one has completed Cardio Tennis education in the past (CT Level 1, Level 2, TRX CT) they are "qualified".

If you have taken a live 4-5 hour course in 2021 or later AND completed the on-line course "getting started" you are also qualified.

If you have only completed the on-line course "getting started" you are not qualified. 

Can I get CEU's, CPD, etc for Cardio Tennis Education?

Yes, the USPTA and PTR will honor credits for CT education both on-line and in person. For any on-line course you will receive a "certificate of completion" which can be submitted to these organizations and other National Governing Bodies. 

Do I have to be a certified tennis or fitness professional to deliver Cardio Tennis? 

You do not but it is strongly suggested. Delivering quality Cardio Tennis is not easy and takes a lot of skill. It is also important to have insurance and if one is certified then one typically has insurance. 

Can fitness instructors deliver Cardio Tennis?

Fitness instructors can be great at delivering Cardio Tennis as they understand group fitness, know how to manage groups with modifications and progressions, and know how to energize and motivate people. They do need to learn how to feed a tennis ball, but can throw the ball in to get things started. 

What does it cost to deliver Cardio Tennis? 

The cost to deliver Cardio Tennis is what one puts into it in regards to equipment and education. 

Can I call it something other than Cardio Tennis?

Cardio Tennis is standardized with a very specific format. The bigger problem is those who are calling it Cardio Tennis and not following the standards of delivery. It is preferred for those facilities to call it something else. Quality control is our objective as it is a group fitness class. Whether a consumer does a workout in Los Angeles, London, Rome, or Melbourne it should be a very similar experience.