Cardio Tennis Triples 

"Triple the Fun of Doubles"

What is Triples? 

Triples is arguably the greatest game to play in the sport of tennis and is a signature Cardio Tennis game. Triples Tennis is fast moving, engaging, and accommodates 6-8 players per court with tons of touches on the ball.

The Triples game is 3 vs 3 with one player at net and two players on the baseline.  Players complete a half-court circular rotation after every point.

What is a Triples Event?

An event is a social and inclusive experience designed for a large number of athletes (4-8 courts,) usually scheduled for 90 minutes. The focus is on fun, meeting new people and getting a good workout. There will be scorekeeping but it is not about the competition. 

Check out the video below to see Triples in action from above  



How to play Cardio Tennis Triples 

Demo from Triples in a CT workout (pro feed) and demo of Triples in an event (self feed)