Cardio Tennis Triples 

"Triple the Fun of Doubles"

What is Triples? 

Triples is arguably the greatest game to play in the sport of tennis and is a signature Cardio Tennis game. Triples Tennis is fast moving, engaging, and accommodates 6-8 players per court with tons of touches on the ball.

The Triples game is 3 vs 3 with one player at net and two players on the baseline.  Players complete a half-court circular rotation after every point.

What is a Triples Event?

An event is a social and inclusive experience designed for a large number of athletes (4-8 courts,) usually scheduled for 90 minutes. The focus is on fun, meeting new people and getting a good workout. There will be scorekeeping but it is not about the competition. 

Check out the video below to see Triples in action