2024 Cardio Tennis Training Courses 

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Puerto Rico: August 11th

Cardio Tennis Training Course: Agenda 

The format and standards for the ideal group fitness experience

1) Overview, update and key concepts

2) Warm-up:

  • Understand the purpose and progressions
  • What is signature court and why?
  • Experience warm-up activities across the progressions. How to modify and progress

3) Agility Ladder and Drills:

  • Ladder can be used as a warm-up
  • Frequently used patterns and why
  • Pathway, choreography, rhythm, placement
  • Difference between cones and ladder
  • Three balls across/ball feeding
  • 2-bounce rule

 4) Games and unique numbers

  • The conditions change but the standards must remain the same
  • Experience signature Cardio Tennis games
  • Learn what to do when the number of athletes change

5) Cool down:

  • Why we cool down and the best cool down exercises.

6) Peer teaching and the experience of an ideal Cardio Tennis Workout